The settlement of the cooperative dates to May 6th, 1948 when 18 small farmers joined to form the “Cooperativa Agricola di S. Giorgio", whose name derives from the small village in the vicinity of Cesena where these 18 pioneers were living. Their scope was to join their efforts to get better access to the purchase of means of production and in selling their commodities on the market to improve their miserable living conditions.

They were so successful that in few years many other small farmers joined the cooperative, who then changed the name in “Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate”. The main activity then was collective purchase of chemicals and fertilizers and the management of harvesting combines and tractors for soil preparation. 

In the late fifties the cooperative started to produce seeds and this choice turned to be a profitable activity and allowed a steady development, expanding its business at first in Europe and more recently in Asia and worldwide.

To cope with the needs of an increasing demanding industry and to enhance the level of its services the cooperative invested heavily in structures, technology and human resources.

Since 1948 CAC has a single mission: multiply the vegetable varieties developed by the seed industry by adopting the most advanced technologies, choosing the right climatic conditions and skilled associated farmers . 

From the 18 labourers of over 70 years ago to the current team: a great history of enterprise and cooperation in the seed sector which enhanced C.A.C. firmly at the top of the multiplication services provider Worldwide.

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